Building Future-ready Businesses: Nazar Gulyk

Ukraine-based Empat believes in building innovative IT products to transform business efficiently. The dedicated team is always ready to take on an extraordinary challenge and passionately perform exceptional development work to help businesses achieve meaningful results.

For business empowerment, the company builds a perfect digital ecosystem. The clients can seamlessly digitalize existing products and make innovative products from scratch. The team values clients, maintain exceptional transparency and focuses on solid communication.

Further, the team holds expertise in Healthcare, FinTech, EduTech, social media, sharing economy, real estate, e-commerce, and NGO.

The company’s immense experience in mobile app development for iOS and Android and enterprise software development has enabled Empat to earn a prominent position among Ukraine’s top mobile app development companies at GoodFirms.

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to communicate with the company’s Founder and CEO, Nazar Gulyk, and discuss his service offerings and how he envisions positioning his company in the future.

While familiarizing Empat, Mr. Gulyk stated that Empat is a full-service mobile and web agency for startups and businesses. In discussing the story behind starting this company, Mr. Gulyk stated that the story began in 2013 with the creation of a small boutique web studio with high-profile clients.

As a studio’s co-owner and primary account manager, in the next five years, Mr. Gulyk founded three startups in various industries, out of which two got failed, and the other one was sold out. Finally, in 2018, the teams of three startups and a web studio were brought together to form Empat. Two years later, in 2021, the startup studio Empat was launched. Still, due to Russia’s extensive war against Ukraine and the focus on the Ukrainian market, the company decided to stop investing in projects in 2022. Presently, Empat is working at a service outsourcing company.

When inquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Gulyk stated that all 56 employees work in-house. Further, the team possesses low turnover, and the average contract is 4-5 years with the developers. He added that hiring freelancers increases the risk of quality and delivery for both company and clients.

Mr. Gulyk also mentioned how his company differentiates itself from the competition by hiring only those with experience working in startups or co-founders with project experience. Consequently, Empat serves as a highly organized agency that involves people of creative minds, which becomes its strongest suit.

On asking Mr. Gulyk about the industries his company caters to, he stated Healthcare, FinTech, EdTech, and social media are some of the major industries. Since 2014, some clients have been working with the company, and almost 70% of new projects come from existing clients or recommendations.

Mr. Gulyk continued that clients mostly approach Empat for mobile apps, the developed apps are flourishing in the US market, and the clients’ MVPs (Minimum viable product) have received 25+investments.

Team GoodFirms also questioned customer satisfaction rates. Mr. Gulyk reveals that regular customer satisfaction surveys are essential to know whether the customers are delighted with the company, products, and services. Interestingly, the company possesses a transparent system for measuring customer satisfaction, and they conduct monthly surveys to determine how the company is performing.

In discussing the support system offered by Empat to cater to the queries and issues of the clients, Mr. Gulyk explained that the managers are assigned to each client. Through communication channels, these managers are conveniently made available to valued clients. Additionally, the company provides two months of project support after completing the project.

While talking about the payment structure to bill the clients, the CEO expressed that the billing system is determined by the project, typically monthly billing in the time and materials format, and the clients approve at the beginning of the month. The company takes projects that meet the essential budget requirement, starting at $5,000. In 2021, the price range of the projects that the company has worked on was 10.000$-800.000$.

While concluding the interview, when Team GoodFirms questioned Mr. Gulyk about where he sees his company in the future, he stated that the company wishes to help the clients in launching more than 50 new projects, attract more than $5 billion in investments, and have a total audience of 1 billion users across all the projects.

Feel free to go through the entire interview of Empat’s CEO, Mr. Nazar Gulyk, on the GoodFirms website.

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