Startup Obimy hits over 5 million users

One of the projects we are working on, the startup Obimy, recently reached the mark of 5M+ users in more than 100 countries. The mobile application allows close people to exchange senses: feelings, emotions, and actions you would like to perform about another user.

The application gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when many users were in self-isolation. Thus, loved ones could send hugs, kisses, love pinch, tickles, and other meanings. It helped people stay emotionally connected and support each other.

The application helps Ukrainians who faced the difficulties and problems of life during the war. Obimy allows you to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, parents, etc. This functionality helps to let someone know how you are and if you need support if you are sad. Learn more about Obimy on the project page.

We also invite you to read about how we reacted to the russian occupation and how we helped Ukraine.

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