We’ve been working on a complete solution for the CrossFit BANDA gym network. The main goals were to standardize business processes and simplify the user experience

Our client is expanding its business by opening new gyms. Therefore, there was a request to create a new way of communication and interaction with their customers. Our work consisted of the discovery phase and analyzing existing business processes, creating a mobile application for gym clients, and integrating a new CRM to work with customers.


CrossFit Banda





Discovery Phase

Product Design

Web, iOS & Android

CRM Integration


Denys, Project Manager

Slava, Business Analyst

Lera, Discovery Phase

Dima, Design Lead

Lesia, UI/UX Design

Serhii, Tech Lead

Vova Z, Back-End Dev

Valya, Mobile Dev

Vlad, Mobile Dev

Vova T, QA Engineer

NPS Changes
First MONTH users


1 Jun - 20 Oct, 21”

Discovery phase

We conducted a series of surveys and interviews with employees of the customer's company to analyze existing business processes. In addition, we conducted a study of existing solutions in the market of applications for gyms.

Based on surveys and interviews, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the existing business. We have developed a change plan for the transformation of the CrossFit BANDA. It consisted of creating a mobile application for the gym visitors, optimizing the website, and implementing changes to the CRM.


Discovery phase

startup studio

PM Assistance


21 Oct - 20 Nov, 21”

Product design & SEO

After the discovery phase, we started to create the design of the future mobile application. In parallel, we engaged in SEO analysis of the existing site to improve the comfort of user interaction with it.

We put into the design that the application aims to solve the most egregious pains of users, namely: the inconvenience of signing up for a workout, the complicated process of buying a subscription, and replacing plastic cards (which gave access to the gym) with electronic ones.





21 Nov 21” - 20 Feb 22”

Mobile app development

We created a dedicated product team that handled this project during the development process. Their task was to create an MVP version of the application as soon as possible, which they later improved by implementing new functionality in subsequent mobile application releases.

We involved Senior and Middle specialists in Back-end, Flutter development, DevOps, and QA engineering in the project. They worked closely for two months, after which they released the first version of the mobile application. At the same time, our SEO specialist and Front-end developer were working on optimizing the site.





Feb, 22 - Present

app launch & CRM Integration

Now our team is engaged in support and further development of the mobile application. The next step will be to work on integrating the new CRM system.

In the work process, we add new functionality and monitor the performance of the existing one. The new CRM system will improve existing operational procedures for working with clients and provide a unique experience for gym-goers and customer employees.





PM Assistance


This project is an example of a complete work cycle to solve business problems. We have gone all the way from research and analysis of the existing issues of the customer's clients to the direct implementation of final solutions that solve the tasks set by the customer.

Very responsible was the Discovery phase, during which we discovered the problems of gym-goers. It allowed us to create a solution to close the current user problems. Thus, we expect an increase in NPS and sales since users have a convenient way to sign up for training - a mobile application.


The mobile application allows you to conveniently view the gym schedule, find out the details about these training sessions and sign up for them. This dramatically improves the past user experience and reduces users' time on this process, increasing the number of purchases.

Workout packages

One of the main tasks of the mobile application was the ability to purchase training packages. This process takes place in a few clicks with payment directly in the application. After the purchase, a club card becomes available to users, which they can use as a pass in the gyms.


The application allows you to collect feedback after each workout. Based on this, the gym operator can evaluate the work of trainers and work with negative feedback. In addition, the application contains a section with recommendations for working on your own body.

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Product Design, Mobile Development

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