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How to reduce the number of oral diseases using IT development?

92% of people do not know how to properly care about their teeth, which causes most of the oral diseases. The majority of people visit a doctor only in a case of emergency ending up paying high bills. Treating a problem is much more expensive than preventing it.

About Client

Yaroslav Zablotskyy, one of the most trusted doctors in Ukraine, takes responsibility to change people’s attitude towards their health and we are happy to help him.

The doctor launches a new project Dental Care Office, a place that provides only one service - professional teeth hygiene which helps clients to maintain their oral health.

The brief

Our task is to create a competitive advantage for the business through digital ecosystem which not only takes operational business processes to a new level but makes dental care routine easier.

What we did

We developed a sufficient ecosystem which includes three related projects: CRM system, mobile application (IOS / Android) and website.



Customer relationship management system that includes analytics, calendar, records, treatment plans, automated email sending system, application management system and others.

  • java


  • RxJava

    PHP - Phalcon


The system of notifications, personal recommendations, online store and a guidance for a distinct oral care.

  • java


  • Kotlin


  • RxJava



Great business idea needs awareness among users and it’s impossible without an effective website.

  • Kotlin


  • RxJava


About APP

The system of notifications, personal recommendations, online store and a guidance for a distinct oral care. With the app it’s never been easier to book appointments online for clients and their family members. The interactive child’s dental healthline is created for young mothers.

Your personal pocket assistant

The application is created to become patient’s pocket assistant to support with proper oral hygiene.

The App includes:

  • personal recommendations based on your lifestyle habits
  • animated timer for teeth brushing for proper maintenance of oral hygiene
  • online store with dental care products recommended by your doctor
  • yours and your family’s dental health records
  • history of your visits and reminders for the future appointments

About CRM

The system is designed to automatically communicate with the clients at any time of the day and help them with problem solving. It automates internal processes making business more effective. It tracks important KPIs which shows what should be improved and what to focus on for business growth. The system accumulates data in one place which improves business analysis.

The CRM includes eight main sections:

  • Appointment calendar
  • Doctor’s schedule
  • Client management
  • Online store
  • Notifications
  • Analytics
I want every Ukrainian to be healthy

Yaroslav Zablotskyy


Daily contact with clients

The app allows to engage with clients every day by providing them with personal recommendations from doctors, possibility to book appointment in few seconds and also by sending them regular notifications in order not to miss out the dental hygiene session.

Monitoring the health of your loved ones

The app helps to take care about family’s dental health. The interactive child’s dental healthline shows what child needs at a specific age and reminds young mothers to visit a doctor.

The system allows to take control over family’s dental health by adding them to the app and seeing their scored points and achievements.

Intellectual assistant

The animated timer shows how to brush teeth properly. Brush your teeth properly and win interactive achievements and points that reflect your great oral health care lifestyle.


Besides many positive feedbacks and reviews from the clients and corporate workers we want to share some impressive numbers:


av. raiting on Appstore and PlayMarket


over 12000 patients are connected to ecosystem


over 100 people work work with CRM

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