HealUA: peer-to-peer help for doctors by doctors

Startup studio Empat, together with the international non-profit organization Global Medical Knowledge Alliance (GMKA), launched HealUA application, where Ukrainian doctors can get professional advice about patient management from their colleagues worldwide. The initiative brings together physicians from Ukraine who are now in need of specialized assistance and experienced doctors from abroad who are ready to provide it.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian doctors have faced an influx of patients. Often, physicians are forced to deal with cases with which they had no experience before. This problem has affected those who now work in military hospitals and specialists from medical institutions that treat civilians.

"In the past, our organization focused on providing open access medical education materials in Ukrainian to improve patient care. From February 24, we actively searched for ways to support our medical colleagues in Ukraine. At first, together with our specialists from the USA and Europe, we consulted doctors at hospitals in the Dnipro region. And now we want to scale our efforts, so together with the startup studio Empat we created HealUA mobile application." - says the founder of GMKA, assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, Nelya Melnitchouk.

The application allows specialists from all over the world to assist Ukrainian doctors in areas of their expertise. The head physician of the National Cancer Institute, Andriy Beznosenko, specialists from the Shalimov Institute of Surgery, doctors from Ohmatdyt, and others have already joined the initiative.

"HealUA's mission is to save the lives and health of Ukrainians. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of creating a convenient solution for our doctors in the shortest possible time. The application helps doctors obtain advice on making diagnoses and decision-making in patient management", explains project manager Igor Repeta, Empat.

Any physician can start using HealUA. You need to download the mobile application from Google Play or the App Store and register. In the application, doctors create requests and indicate what kind of help they need, while other doctors can leave their advice and take part in resolving these requests. Thus, specialists of large medical institutions and small regional clinics can get advice from practicing experts from leading institutions in Ukraine, the USA, the UK, Italy, and other countries.

HealUA was developed by the startup studio Empat and the international organization GMKA. The mobile application in Ukrainian and English is already available for download on Android and iOS.


Empat is a Ukrainian startup studio from Kyiv with seven years of experience working with clients and has more than 200 completed projects. The IT company has joined the digital front and is developing volunteer initiatives.

GMKA (Global Medical Knowledge Alliance) is an international organization of medical experts and doctors from the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and other European countries. The mission of GMKA is to provide expert medical information on current medical standards of care for doctors and patients in Ukraine and around the world. Medical articles are published in Ukrainian and English.

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